27900.00 $ 2007 *International* *DuraStar* *4400* Flatbed UNDER CDL TRUCK! - We Finance! Moulton

Published date: May 16, 2017
  • Location: Moulton, Texas, United States

2007 *International* *DuraStar* *4400* Flatbed UNDER CDL TRUCK! - We Finance!

⭕ 2007 *International* *DuraStar* *4400* Flatbed UNDER CDL TRUCK! Offered by: E.R. Truck & Equipment (305)930-6374 — (305) 930-6374 — $27,900
VIN: 1HTMKAAL07H402805
Mileage: 207,110
Engine: International, DT466, 225 HP
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Fuller, Man, 6 Spd
Suspension: Spring
Color: RED Exterior
Included Options: Heated Mirrors
E.R. Truck & Equipment (305)930-6374
Year: 2007
Make: _International_
Model: _DuraStar 4400_
Series: Flatbed UNDER CDL TRUCK!
VIN: 1HTMKAAL07H402805
Stock #: 4812
Condition: Used
Mileage: 207,110
Exterior: red
Body: truck
Transmission: manual
Engine: International DT466 7.6L, 225 HP
International_ DuraStar_ 4400_

https://www.ertruck.com/credit-application/ -
* Refer a friend and we'll give you $1,000 cash when the purchase is made. International_ DuraStar_ 4400_
Website: www.ertruck.com/credit-application/
Address: 12360 NW South River Dr Miami, FL 33178
Phone: (305) 930-6374

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Your message will always be answered by a real human — never an automated system.

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2007* International* DuraStar* 4400* Flatbed* UNDER* CDL* TRUCK!* International_ DuraStar_ 4400_ a0ca16c80f1a4ec39b1e18c4eb36d26f

Phone number ✆ +1 469-640-3437

Moulton, Texas

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  • 2004 Ford F350 4WD Crew Cab XL SRW Longbed -
    CARS - Detroit (Texas) - April 22, 2017 16473.00 $

    2004 Ford F350 4WD Crew Cab XL SRW Longbed - ⭕ 2004 *Ford* *F350 4WD* Crew Cab XL SRW Longbed - $16,473 Call Us Today! 252-455-9807 Text Us Today! 252-917-8550 Ford_ F350 4WD_ For Sale by Midgette Auto Supercenter We accept trades! 15 Lenders availab...

  • 2002 Ford F150 $2500.00 OBO
    CARS - Mt. Pleasant (Texas) - April 22, 2017 2500.00 $

    2002 Ford F150 $2500.00 OBO ⭕ 2002 Ford F150 Dependable truck with tool box 2 new tires and oil change. $2500.00 OBO Phone number ✆ +1 832-387-3208 Mt. Pleasant, Texas

  • Look
    CARS - Highlands (Texas) - April 22, 2017 1.00 $

    Look ⭕ Trading 1994 mobile home located in elizabeth city. 3 bed room 2 bath 2 car driveway. On a lot. Lot rent is 180.oo only other expenses you will have is utilities. Text me before you call Home comes with all the paper work you need to have owne...

  • SUV Seats 8
    CARS - Karnack (Texas) - April 22, 2017 5500.00 $

    SUV Seats 8 ⭕ Very nice Everything runs well and awesome vehicle Phone number ✆ +1 915-302-7340 Karnack, Texas

  • BEAUTIFUL 2008 G6 Runs & Drives Excellent! $3,200 Obo
    CARS - Savoy (Texas) - April 22, 2017 3200.00 $

    BEAUTIFUL 2008 G6 Runs & Drives Excellent! $3,200 Obo ⭕ ALL details are in the last picture. $3,200 obo Clean Ky title in hand (already signed, notorized & ready to go) Call or Text me any time at Thanks! Phone number ✆ +1 830-914-5914 Savoy, Texas

  • 2010 Chevrolet Equinox
    CARS - Mont Belvieu (Texas) - April 22, 2017 8200.00 $

    2010 Chevrolet Equinox ⭕ 2010 Chevrolet Equinox 130,000 miles Like new Michelin tires Back up camera Sunroof Great gas mileage Nice vehicle in good condition Title in hand $8200 NO EMAILS Call Phone number ✆ +1 214-640-2609 Mont Belvieu, Texas

  • 98 Trans Am
    CARS - Ben Wheeler (Texas) - April 21, 2017 8000.00 $

    98 Trans Am ⭕ https://tippecanoe..org/cto/ html Phone number ✆ +1 254-632-3279 Ben Wheeler, Texas

  • 2007 Ford Fusion SEL AWD
    CARS - Bremond (Texas) - April 20, 2017 5000.00 $

    2007 Ford Fusion SEL AWD ⭕ 2007 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L all wheel drive. Has some rust under the rear part of the rocker panels and inside left rear door. Otherwise very clean, runs and drives great. Phone number ✆ +1 346-397-4738 Bremond, Texas

  • 2009 Mini Cooper
    CARS - Deadwood (Texas) - April 19, 2017 5300.00 $

    2009 Mini Cooper ⭕ For sale 2009 mini cooper Base model, hatchback Color grey Engine 1.6 L 4-cylinder Leather seats Great Saving gas! Electric Automatic 2018 plates In good condition! En venta mini cooper 2009 Modelo Base Color gris Asientos de piel ...

  • Chevy Malibu 2009
    CARS - Post (Texas) - April 19, 2017 1.00 $

    Chevy Malibu 2009 ⭕ Call for more info on price Phone number ✆ +1 972-627-8048 Post, Texas

  • 2001 Buick Lesabre Limited With Leather Seats
    CARS - Quitman (Texas) - April 18, 2017 1500.00 $

    2001 Buick Lesabre Limited With Leather Seats ⭕ Great running car, has some issues but doesnt NEED anything, it could use some love but doesnt need to have anything done, you can drive it just like it is, just like Ive been doing. Headliner fabric is...

  • Ford E450 Bus For Sale
    CARS - Irving (Texas) - April 18, 2017 3500.00 $

    Ford E450 Bus For Sale ⭕ Paws First Rescue was hit with a huge financial loss in Nov 2016 when we were scammed out of over $3000 on a fundraiser. That money was earmarked for our transport program. At this time we have made the very difficult decisio...

  • Stock 7524A 2010 Lexus RX
    CARS - Chillicothe (Texas) - April 18, 2017 16695.00 $

    Stock 7524A 2010 Lexus RX ⭕ Kohls Weelborg Ford, Inc. Redwood Falls MN, 56283 ☎ (888)375-4963 To learn more about the vehicle, please follow this link: used-auto-4-sale.com/107203345.html 2010 Lexus RX 350 Year: 2010 Make: Lexus Model: RX Milea...

  • *2008 Kia Sedona V6* 1 Owner, Clean Carfax, DVD, Good Tires, Books
    CARS - Shallowater (Texas) - April 18, 2017 6995.00 $


  • 2004 Nissan Xterra
    CARS - New Harmony (Texas) - April 18, 2017 3700.00 $

    2004 Nissan Xterra ⭕ MD inspected vehicle passed just in august will pass again with no issues runs great low miles has new exhaust and new front brakes brand new tires and alignment small dent on the side from previous owner door still closes and op...


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